It is a new era of minimalistic spaces with a warm twist, meaning clean and simple lines are still in favour, however finishes are prefered in more warmer (or perhaps just not in clinical white) tones and textures. Wood has always been there for us, changing its final finishes and shapes to keep up with current trends. Adding some wood to the minimalistic interior can just add an extra depth to space, highlighting the feature pieces. 

During BIID (British Institute of Interior Designers) CPD Showcase we saw a presentation of Argenta Invisible doors and were quite impressed, so wanted to share what we learned with you.

The Invisible door concept corresponds to the current trend of sleek and minimal design. The system allows closed doors and walls to be one whole, as all visible frames and hinges disappear. Special hinges are mounted inside the wall and not visible from both sides when the door is closed. Argent offers frameless solution for hinged, sliding and pivoting doors.

They also provide an invisible skirting boards, that go well with the doors highlighting purity of minimalistic design. Door frames have been gone for some time now. Hinges and architraves are no longer visible. Skirting boards remained the only obstacle to a perfectly flat wall. Invisible skirting boards from Argenta come in 2 models: a thin adhesive boards and a recessed board.

Their hinges also come in a lot of different finishes and look very sleek and well designed. So even when their are visible, they are nice to look at :).

Weekend is almost here, so whatever your plan is - just go for it :)

 A well known fact is that white reflects light, which makes the room look brighter and larger. Any other colour the darker it gets start to soak the light in without reflecting as much and therefore the room can look a bit darker and smaller. All depending on the colour, of course.

This is the practical reason why we use white paint on the ceiling, so that visually ceiling height would seem more. If we paint the ceiling in darker colour, the ceiling height visually will decrease.
Same principle refers to wallpapers, however, there are few cases when wallpapers on the ceiling could work beneficially.

Too high ceilings.
Sometimes some spaces like loft conversion bedrooms have a ceiling that is just too high for the space and feels a bit weird. In this case wallpaer can smooth this transition and balance out the space.

Kids rooms and Nurseries.
Kids rooms are usually a great fun to design, as you can create a fairytale. Kids rooms carefully designed, can have wallpaper on the ceiling to go along with the theme, but most probably this is something that will need to be changed later.

Feature parts of the ceiling.
In the rooms with high ceilings and ceiling decor wallpaper can add a splash of colour or rather pattern to the design. I would still advice to use papers with white background to reflect more light. Other interesting space where the wallpaper could be used is to decorate the ceiling above the staircase, as quite often this space is left unattended and a bit boring design wise.

Some light and cheerful design for today.

Greens are the new blues and greys, greens are everywhere and I can understand, as it is such a lovely colour of life. Fresh, calming and at the same time energising. I am not the fan of apple green colours, as they are usually a bit too bright, that you can can get tired, as well as it is very hard to mix apple green with any other colours. However, shades closer to emerald colour are working perfect. Not a fancy of rich colours? Go pale green, as it will work just as fine.

Monday Morning sequence 

Happy Friday everyone! Stay motivated, do not give up on your dreams!

Chelsea Design Center is well known for its fabric showrooms and we went through few during the Design Week to see new collections and new trends.

We started to notice a lot of embroidered sheer fabric in different fabric houses and with summer just around the corner we are loving the idea to use a fabric like this for blinds or curtains.

In addition to this beautiful sheer fabric, Fox Linton showrooom displayed quite a few pretty outdoor fabrics with a light tropical twist.

A lot of bright summery patterned fabrics by N9 Thompson caught our attention and made us day dream for a bit about beautiful summer houses :)

Blue tones are still trending and we are very pleased with this, as so far blue was our favourite. As somebody told us once - you just can never go wrong with it! This selection of blues was spotted in Romo showroom, which has also organised quite an inviting and tempting snack and drink buffet ;)

Holland & Sherry displayed this sweet geometric pattern sisal wallpaper. We already used their sisal wallpaper in one of our Projects, so were happy to discover a new pattern.

Also a good-to-know reminder that Holland & Sherry does those lovely handles and knobs for the joinery, upholstered in fabric.

Yesterday we visited Chelsea Design Center during London Design week. London Design Week prides itself on showcasing collection launches from the best in stylish innovation, with products ranging from fabric and furniture, to carpet and kitchens. There’s also a packed programme of workshops, talks and demonstrations from the best local and international designers.

And we finally had a chance to visit a showroom of our beloved wall-covering brand Arte. Arte designers go beyond anyone's imagination when designing new wallpapers. They have so many different designs, different colour combinations and textures both for residential and contract use. They have a lot of bold and colourful products, as well as more plain and natural, as linen effect paper. In my opinion, Arte is indeed quite special, but everyone would be able to find something for his taste. Showroom space is very well designed too.